The regulations governing this practice are dictated by Law 130 of 2001 and then adopted by the various regions. The deceased may express, before death, his or her wish to be cremated, either by a notary public or by registration with a legally recognized Socrem (cremation society).

In the absence of the two situations described, the person entitled in civil order, up to the sixth level of kinship, may declare through an affidavit (at a notary and/or district) that he or she has heard from the deceased, before dying, his or her wishes to be cremated and by virtue of the legal position, authorizes the cremation.

Urns may be interred in the ground, buried in a burial plot/tomb already in the family’s concession or purchased in concession at the time of need. Ashes may also be kept in the home of the rightful claimants or scattered.

Our Enterprise is able to organize ceremonies for all three scenarios.

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