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Meaning of spring flowers

Leaving flowers at the resting places of the deceased is one of the most common ways to commemorate a loved one and show affection for them. Not all flowers are the same; given the season, let’s discover together the meaning of spring flowers. One may think that spring flowers are linked to an imagery that

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Preparation for death

Preparation for death is the time before the deceased’s departure when all the bureaucratic and funeral arrangements must be taken care of by contacting a funeral home. Logistica Funeraria is a funeral home in Rome that handles every aspect of the preparation for the death, seeking to relieve the family of the deceased of most

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Dealing with the pain of loss

How to deal with the grief of loss following a significant bereavement in one’s life? The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can face in life. The resulting pain can be quite intense and long-lasting. Overcoming the distress phase can take a long time. However,

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Cremation Animals

Pet Cremation is one of the services offered by Funeral Logistics. We take care of the animals individually and return the ashes to the family. Contact us for more information about cremation dogs, cats and other pets. Cremation Animals When one of our pets, now an important part of the family, passes away, it is

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Poems about death

There are many authors over the centuries who have decided to write poems about death, a sensitive and difficult subject to deal with. Many spoke of it with slight detachment, others experienced it by losing people very dear to them, and this triggered a feeling of grief and suffering that they poured into the beautiful

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Condolence sentences

Condolence sentences How to give condolences in the right way? Without being out of line or exaggerated? We help you at Funeral Logistics-with this little guide-to turn your thoughts to those who have just suffered a loss and show closeness. First we can give you some advice on how to address a person who has

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