My family started its business in 1927, in the popular Testaccio neighborhood of the city of Rome, where founder RENATO NATANGELI began as a coachman for the then horse-drawn hearses of the City of Rome.
I, VITTORIO NATANGELI, represent the fourth generation and lead the companies of the NATANGELI Group – which will be 35 years in business in 2024 –  with the same commitment, seriousness and professionalism that have always distinguished our family identity; qualities that have made the ‘NATANGELI GROUP’ one of the most important and ramified companies in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

Our national network currently consists of more than 1,200 operating funeral homes, while internationally we have about 650. Our foreign office, with multilingual staff, can meet every organizational need on an international scale as well, ensuring that every funeral service or practice is carried out with the commitment, professionalism and empathy due to each individual client and that every specific need is always met to the best of our ability.


Funeral Insurance, to take the bureaucratic and financial burden off one's family members

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