By this term we are mainly talking about dogs and cats and other domestic animal species. The European legislation, since 2002 with an update in 2011, OBLIGATES the owner of the animal to provide for the definitive disposal of the body of the deceased animal, prohibiting the abandonment, discharge or uncontrolled elimination of the remains (the penalty, in Italy, is received up to 28,000 euros). The standard method of non-individual discharge of the animal’s body involves COLLECTIVE CREMATION, i.e. incineration of several bodies at the same time. In some cases, this is sometimes in the form of carcass compacting cremation, which, when buried, can mineralise more quickly. It is easy to understand that anyone who becomes aware of these systems is not ready to leave their animal in the hands of unknown persons who will lead it to this HORRIBLE DESTINY. The most suitable solution to remedy this is single cremation, which involves the incineration of only one body at a time, with the ashes being returned to the family members.
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