Meaning of spring flowers

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Leaving flowers at the resting places of the deceased is one of the most common ways to commemorate a loved one and show affection for them. Not all flowers are the same; given the season, let’s discover together the meaning of spring flowers.

One may think that spring flowers are linked to an imagery that is far from appropriate for their intended use here, but isn’t it actually the exact opposite?

Spring flowers naively make people think of something beautiful and cheerful, so not suitable for a funeral occasion. Instead, many of them represent sympathy and condolence and are related to rebirth, a theme that is very dear to the concept of Christian death, which is precisely configured as a time of passage, of new life with the Lord.

Meaning of spring flowers: how to choose the right flower to commemorate the deceased

Spring flower language is an ancient and romantic form of communication, using flowers as symbols to express emotions, feelings and meanings. Each spring flower has a specific meaning, which may vary according to its color, shape, and the tradition to which it is related.


Tulips are spring flowers widely appreciated for their beauty and simplicity. They are recognized among the meaning of spring flowers as a symbol of true love. This is because, according to an ancient legend, this flower was born from the blood drops of a man who took his own life for the love of a woman.

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Daffodils are spring flowers that symbolize rebirth and hope. Their intense fragrance is often associated with spring and new beginnings. In Christian iconography they are the symbol of rebirth after death and are associated, therefore, with Easter. It is not uncommon to find this beautiful flower at burial sites.

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The azalea is an all-female flower. In the language of flowers, the azalea recalls the figure of a woman and also represents the purest love there is, that is, maternal love. It is especially suitable as a flower to take to mother’s grave.

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This flower has a very special meaning. The language of flowers refers its symbolism to a very old legend that planting a freesia can attract elves, nymphs and good fairies. On the grave of a deceased person it takes on a really sweet meaning, of protection from evil and companionship.

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The meaning of spring flowers often comes back to the concept of rebirth, lavender, on the other hand, carries a special message, and planting it next to the burial place of a loved one takes on a symbolism that can be encapsulated in the phrase “your memory is my only happiness” … a melancholy thought, but at the same time very strong and for someone suitable.

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Meaning of spring flowers.


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