Cremation Animals

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Pet Cremation is one of the services offered by Funeral Logistics. We take care of the animals individually and return the ashes to the family.

Contact us for more information about cremation dogs, cats and other pets.

Cremation Animals

When one of our pets, now an important part of the family, passes away, it is only right to give him or her a proper burial, as well as mandatory by law.

The service offered by Funeral Logistics, caters mainly to dogs and cats, pets. European legislation, since 2002 with an update in 2011 obliges the owner of the animal to make final arrangements for the body of the deceased animal.

It is strictly forbidden to abandon the remains of the beast, dump them or dispose of them in ways that do not comply with current legislation. Anyone who fails to comply is punishable in Italy with a fine of up to 28,000 euros.

The standard method of non-individual disposal of the beast’s body involves collective cremation, that is, the incineration of several carcasses at once in the same furnace. In some cases it goes so far as to squeeze out the carcasses, which, when buried, can mineralize more quickly.

It is easy to guess that, anyone who learns about these animal cremation systems is not willing to leave their animal in the hands of unknown people who will lead them to this fate. The most suitable solution to remedy this is single cremation, which involves the incineration of only one body at a time, with the ashes returned to the family unit.

Depending on the request, one of the available alternatives can be chosen.

Cremation Animals – The services offered by Funeral Logistics

  • Withdrawal of the animal with wooden container in relation to its weight (under 40 kg/over 40 kg)
  • Incineration and delivery of ashes in a standard container, or your choice, to your home, with documentation of attestation
  • Accommodation of ashes also in cemeteries/pet parks, with annual rentals
  • Burial of remains with placement of marble works
  • We have biological urns for environmentally friendly burial, i.e., so-called “Green Burials”

For any kind of information, clarification or insight on animal cremation, you can write to


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