By this term we are talking mainly about dogs and cats, pets. According to the European regulation, from 2002 onwards (regulation updated in 2011), it forces the pet owner to provide a final destination for the body of the deceased animal, it is prohibited the abandonment, the dumping or uncontrolled disposal of the remains remains (the fine in Italy is up to 28.000,00 Euros).

The standard way of disposal is not the individual cremation but a COMMUNAL CREMATION, which means that more carcasses are incinerated at the same time.

In some cases, the carcasses may as well be reduced to dried bones, for mineralizing faster once they are buried. It’s easy to understand that, when these procedures are known, it is very difficult for anyone to leave their pets in the hands of unknown people that will lead them towards this atrocious destiny.

The most adequate solution to prevent all this is an INDIVIDUAL CREMATION, which means incinerating one body at a time, returning the ashes to the family.

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